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Thomas Hardy Poetry Questions

Thomas Hardy Poetry - GCSE Questions Below is a list of past CIE GCSE English Literature 0486 questions on Thomas Hardy poems, sorted by poem. Those that were originally listed in pairs have been split up to refer to one poem each. These are provided to be used as aids in revision in the run-up...


5 Key Themes in Macbeth

Are you revising Macbeth this weekend? Here are some Key Themes to get you started.


More than Zero: The Total Number of Books I’ve Read this Year

I wasn’t a big ‘reader’ until this year, and I always struggled to finish whole books or stay focused when reading stories that are considered to be more literary or high brow. But recently, that all changed when I received a bit of an unusual Christmas present: Less Than Zero by Bret Easton...


5 Language Features You Need to Know

Here are the top 5 language features that you need to know to be able to write effectively and properly analyse the writing of others.


Why Motivation is the Key to Success

What separates high achievers in school and university from their peers? How is it that some people appear to get extraordinary marks in everything they do, while others struggle to even hand their work in on time? It would seem that there are a legion of complicated factors at play to make...