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tuition, coaching, document creation + more!


Group tuition pricing: £25/hr (per student - minimum 3 students per session)

Each course is aimed at boosting key skills in English, Writing and Analysis. Students in a similar age range and level of ability are grouped together, to ensure that classes run smoothly and everybody feels supported and challenged to the right degree.

Want to know more? Book a free 10 minute call - drop me an email at [email protected].

Upcoming courses (10 lessons each) :

COURSE 1: Creative and Imaginative Writing

COURSE 2: Approaches to Poetry

COURSE 3: Essay and Analysis Skills

Start date: December 2022

email [email protected] for more info on enrolments, once we have enough students who have agreed on a lesson time, we will start the course!


You can book in regular slots with me, or just schedule sessions as and when needed.

1-1 tuition pricing: £55/hr

Offer: A 10% discount is available for block bookings of 10 sessions!

Whether you need help improving your technique, understanding your texts or figuring out how to tackle essays and exams, my tuition sessions will hugely improve your confidence, your writing and your grades. I don't put limits on the expectations of students; if you are motivated and care about your work, I will help you to get the highest possible grades.

Want to know more? Book a free 10 minute call - drop me an email at [email protected].


Love education, but hate the hassle that comes with it? If you're looking for a change in profession, or wanting to boost your current educational credentials, I provide 1-1 bespoke coaching for teachers and tutors to help them achieve their highest potential and ultimate career goals.

In coaching, you will learn to:

  • be the very best teacher or tutor by building a great rapport with students
  • motivate students to succeed
  • manage your career trajectory as a teacher or tutor, to ensure that you receive great promotions and benefits
  • optimise your business or profession to attain the maximum financial reward for your work
  • increase job satisfaction, and enjoy yourself rather than feeling like you're under constant stress and pressure!
  • supplement your primary income through leveraging skills that you've already gained through teaching or tutoring
  • organise your finances to ensure that you're never struggling for money or unable to save and invest
  • manage time, so that you're not spending all your free time marking work, sending emails or stressing about your job

One off sessions: £100/hr

  • for teachers and tutors needing advice on specific areas of their work
  • for a quick redress of your work-life-finances balance

5-Hour Career Boost Package: £450

  • for established teachers or tutors who are looking to refine and improve their current profession

10-Hour Career Change Package: £850

  • for new teachers or tutors looking to set up their business in the right way

If you're considering coaching, you're welcome to email [email protected] to schedule a free 15 minute chat with me to discuss everything further.


For single poems, individual texts or full courses

If you need a specific poem, revision document for a text or a full course but can't find it on our website, don't worry - we can make it for you!


- £20 per revision document

- £300-400 per course (dependent on the length)


If you require specific feedback on essays and practise exam papers, I am happy to mark and/or proofread your answers for you. This will help you understand what level you’re currently working at and how to improve.

There are two options: I can just mark the paper according to your mark scheme, or I can mark it and give you detailed feedback on how to improve and why you are at the given grade.


Please note that I will only mark full exam papers, not individual exam questions as it is not an efficient use of my time to mark individual questions

£30 per 1000 words for exam paper marking

£25 per 1000 words for proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation)

£55 per exam paper for marking and detailed feedback notes on each question

£30 per 1000 words for coursework, NEAs, EPQs or university essay assessments

* For other markings, editing or proofread enquiries please message me and I will give you a bespoke price rate for your project.

To arrange a lesson, request a document, or for any other information, send an email to [email protected]

Experience and Qualifications

I have been an online teacher and private tutor since 2012. During this time I have also worked as Head of English for an online home school, and I am currently an AQA English examiner. I work with students from all around the world in both 1-1 and group settings, from early Secondary School (aged 11) up to Degree and Masters's level.

I have a First Class BA Hons in English from the University of Bristol (graduated 2012), and a Distinction grade in my TEFL qualification, which was an intensive 140hr course with TEFL Cambridge. I am fully DBS checked and can provide references upon request.

Teaching Style

Learning and teaching is more than a job; for me, it’s a way of life. I have a total enthusiasm for learning of all kinds, and I enjoy passing this on to my students. I have an adaptable approach to teaching because I believe each student learns best in his or her own way. My tuition sessions will always work with you and go at your pace to make sure you’re getting the most out of our time together.

I have a great track record of quickly getting students to engage with their subjects and dramatically boost their grades. Many of my students have gone from D grades to As and A*s within a few months. Also, in the past 4 years, I have received exclusively 5* reviews across three different tuition platforms. This is because I help students to learn in their own way and also to become self-critical - to understand what’s good and bad about their work, and how to improve.

I provide online private tuition and coaching via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

To arrange a lesson or for any other information, send an email to [email protected]

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